Fall Colours
October 2019


Welcome Autumn!


As the October month is rolling in and the season is changing the toddlers have become aware of the leaves falling, acorns scattering on the ground and feeling the colder mornings. We went for an “Autumn Walk” to point out other nature changes.
The next day we brought in some nature materials like pine cones, leaves, mossy rocks and gourds, which we added to our sensory table for our toddler friends to explore.


We thought to incorporate the interest in a craft activity where we placed out different shapes of fall coloured paper and let the children create a mosaic, using glue and paint brushes. This activity became a great opportunity for the toddlers to lean and practice different skills such as gluing and its purpose in craft activities, fine motor skills by picking up the little pieces of paper and placing them on the glue part on the paper, and hand-eye coordination by handling a paint brush. During the activity we also mentioned and named the colours of paper they were choosing to create their pictures. Our older toddlers were challenged a bit further by helping them recognize the shapes as well, like triangles, squares and rectangles.


It was wonderful to observe their independent thinking skills come into place considering that most of our friends were probably exposed to a gluing activity for the first time. We continued to use different provocation activities throughout the week to keep their interest going which is being documented outside our room on the information board and in our classroom. Please feel free to come in and check it out!


Two children sitting at a table gluing colourful paper







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