Early Literacy in Toddlers
March 2020


This month in the Toddler Room we have seen the Toddlers show a big interest in early literacy. From having our Reading Snowman in January, our love for books has sprouted! Through that love, we have begun singing many early literacy songs, like the Letter Factory with Leap Frog focusing on the sound each letter makes. Throughout play we hear the toddlers making the sounds of the letters and connecting them with a word that letter begins with.


The children have shown a huge interest in the book, “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”, the children and educators got creative making the stumps of the tree with cardboard, paper towels and glue. We worked together using a paintbrush, brushing the glue all over the cardboard and then placing paper towels all over. We taped it to our toddler wall when it was dried. Afterwards the children helped trace the letters using wooden letters, paper and markers with hand over hand guidance. The Educators cut the letters and Noriza, Luke, Easton and Norah were excited to use the paintbrush gluing their letters onto the palm tree leaves. As they were gluing each letter we developed our letter recognition and letter pronunciation by sounding out the letter and names that start with that letter.


A girl glues letters onto a large green paper leaf


A couple of days later Noriza was singing the “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” song while rolling the balls and pushing cars on our rollercoaster ramp. Nancy got some sticking notes and taped the Alphabets onto the ramp. Easton pushed his car down the ramp and when Easton got his car he pointed to the letter C, and Nancy said, “C, C is for Cat”. Noriza pushed her truck down the ramp and it stopped on U, and Nancy said, “U, U is for Umbrella”. The children has lots of fun pushing the cars down the ramp, seeing when the car stops and on which letter



A boy glues letters onto a large green paper leafA toddler girl pushes a car down the ramp over the letters on post-it notes





























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