A Totally Toddler Snowperience
February 2020


As the snow continues to build up in the playground we thought why not bring the snow inside to explore on a different level. We filled up the sensory bin with freshly fallen snow and added scoops, cups, and markers to the bin to see what happens. The snow looked so fresh and fluffy when we began. It was interesting to see how quickly it changed as we played in it. It turned into a rainbow fun experience!


We discovered that when you fill the snow up in a cup you can make something like a sand castle out of snow. Then we began to stack them like a snowman. We stacked them, and counted as we went. 1, 2, 3, 4… CRASH! What a fun way to build upon our numeracy skills. Each time we tried we would count how many high it would go; repeating our counting skills over and over to help the idea of counting become a learned skill.


Norah took her snow sculpture and held it with one hand and decided to colour it all over with many different colours. Orange, blue, and red; we labeled the colours as we went. Easton coloured the snow purple. Building on our creativity amidst sensory and science. It is amazing how one activity can include so much learning. Colby noticed that the snow felt cold on his hands, even though we were inside. We decided that taking breaks from the snow was a good choice.


An educator with two children looking at jars of snow


We transferred the snow into 2 jars to watch what happens when the snow slowly turns into water. We learned that that process is called ‘melting’. Blake and Jude watched the jars closely as the snow began to transform into water. The toddlers were surprised to see particles of dirt floating in the jars. We discussed that even when snow looks clean, it still can hold particles of dirt in it. This caused a reflection on when we pick up the snow outside and try to eat it, how there still could be dirt inside of it.


A child's hands holding a block of snow while colouring with a marker




An educator building a snow castleTwo boys playing in a sensory bin filled with snow











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