School-age 3

All About Soccer
September 2019


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During the first few weeks of school, we had lots of fun! Due to warm weather, we were outside a lot to enhance our gross motor skills on our field. One of the favourite sports that the children enjoyed playing was soccer. During this activity, the children enhanced their endurance by running, jumping, passing the ball with their feet, as well as participating in total body interval training without even realizing it. Interval training boosts aerobic capacity, energy levels, and metabolism, which in turn helps the children concentrate more in school. Also, we used our gross motor skills while walking and running backwards, passing and kicking the ball with accuracy during the game. Their balance and coordination also were improved while playing by planning out their movements with the precision and quick reactions needed to score a goal. The children were also working on their social skills while we talked about our favorite soccer teams and players.


The great thing about team sports is the level of discipline and communication needed for success at the games. During this activity the children might learn how to work in a team atmosphere, pay attention to others, and respond accordingly. Team sports prepare children for necessary social interactions later in life. Through these sports, children understand shared responsibility, team work, how to deal with triumph and defeat, all of which are applicable throughout life but most of all to have fun!


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