School-age 3

Dance Fever
October 2019


This month we have been focusing on moving our bodies. Inside, the children enjoyed dancing and grooving to different music to release some of the extra energy that the children always seem to have!


During this activity the children improved their physical domain and fostered their gross motor skills by increasing their coordination, speed and endurance. While dancing the children showed a sense of rhythm, feeling the beat and moving their bodies in whatever way the music made them feel. This allows the children to become expressive with their movements and want to continue to practice these skills. They have expressed an interest in putting on a performance for their peers and families once they feel they have mastered their skills!


The children also increased their auditory skills by identifying the source of musical sounds, showing enjoyment when listening to music, making choices and demonstrating preference in music. The children have also shown an interest in using musical instruments to move from exploration to producing and reproducing music. We will continue to support the children’s emerging musical skills by offering a variety of activities based on this interest.


Children dancing outside Children dancing outsideTwo children dancing outsideChild dancing in back field






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