School-age 3

Artistic School-agers
November 2019


During this month, I noticed that the children in School Age 3 are drawn into art experiences. The children fully enjoy painting and drawing using our iPad where they can practice their artistic skills and use step by step art instructions from YouTube videos called “Art Hub for Kids.” I observed the children interacting with each other as they were busy with their artwork. The children seem totally absorbed in their work. While witnessing that entire process, it looked like the children were lost in the moment. The children showed great input into their work. They concentrated their attention into the details and perfection of their art, practicing their new skills over and over again.


During this activity the children might also enhance their fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, as well as their self-esteem by showing pride in work and achievements. They were so caught up in the act of drawing that they were one with their artwork! During my observation it looked like the children practiced over and over again the motions of a painter; the circular and the arcing movements and admiring the pencil movements that were left on their “canvas”. I will continue to offer a variety of art experiences to the children and since they have shown such an interest in it. I will also try to add different consistencies of paint, so the children will have a chance to experiment not only with pencils but also with water or oil paint. To make it more interesting for the children I will also put out paint in different pairings of primary colours so that the group can make their own shades of colours.


Two boys sitting at the table looking at iPad while drawing a picture while another boy watches

Two boys sitting at the table looking at iPad while drawing a picture







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