School-age 3

Baking Cookies
February 2020


This month we choose to bake for Valentine’s Day. The children were given the opportunity to make their own cookie dough and follow a recipe which we found together on our iPad. Many of the children were already very familiar with how to make dough for baking. The ingredients that were provided for them were eggs, flour, salt, vanilla extract, sugar, baking powder, and butter. Using their cognitive and teamwork skills, the children communicated with each other on their step by step plan. Mason and Manisha said that they would like to mix the dough at the end. Ian and Lochan took responsibility to mix the wet and dry ingredients in separate bowls. Mason said that it reminded him of baking at home. Ian together with Lochan measured three cups of flour in a bowl and added one tsp of salt. They also requested adding one cup of soft unsalted butter, one egg, one tsp of vanilla extract and baking powder. This supports the children’s mathematical concept.


The children took turns mixing and adding the ingredients together. When all of the ingredients were added into the bowl, it began to be difficult to mix, so the older children were helping the younger ones when they became tired. This supports the children’s teamwork concept. The children were great at helping one another and providing others with a sense of belonging. When the mixing was done, the children started kneading the dough and soon realized that it was too dry, so they put a little bit of butter inside of the mixture and continued. When the consistency was perfect, our dough was ready to go into a freezer for five minutes before we would start rolling it and using our special heart shaped cookie cutters.


After five minutes being in a freezer our dough was ready to roll. The children placed parchment paper on a table and secured with tape. Next, they started rolling our dough very carefully and then took turns using the cookie cutter to make the hearts. We ended up making two baking trays full of cookies!

The next day, the children decorated their cookies with icing and sprinkles. There was a lot of communication and excitement at the table. The children were saying how much they enjoyed the baking process and discussing different recipes which we can implement next time in our program.


A small group of children gathered around a table mixing ingredients

three children at a table mixing ingredients

























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