School-age 3

December 2019


School Age 3 has been drawn to sensory experiences this month. The children really enjoyed making playdough and slime using different recipes they found online. Our first attempt was with cornstarch and hair conditioner. We followed the recipe but could not reach the right consistency. The consistency of the slime/dough was like a liquid base that sank in when you put your finger through, but did not form to become a solid. The children described the texture as watery and more like goop. The next attempt, the children used glue, detergent, food coloring and paint. The children were able to stretch this material like slime and roll it into ball. They were able to pat the slime down with their hands and fingers. Every time the slime would feel sticky and hard to work with, the children added more of the activator until they would get the perfect consistency of slime. Once the slime was finished the children loved playing with it. Their most favorite part was making bubbles by spreading the slime on the table and blew on it until the bubble would rise. During our slime experiments, the children were totally absorbed in their work. They would try to brainstorm different ideas to make their slime more stretchy and less sticky. They experienced trial and error, worked as a team and showed pride in their work and achievements. I will continue to offer a variety of sensory experiences to the children and see with what we can come up next, so that little “Scientists” can make new discoveries.


Two children mixing ingedients to make slime

Three children mixing ingredients for slime


















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