School-age 2

Future Architects in School-age 2!
September 2019


School-age 2 had a wonderful donation of wooden blocks given to us at the beginning of the month from a teacher in our school who no longer needed them.


Since then we have witnessed our group grow into architects, builders, construction workers and interior designers. The houses, buildings, shopping centres, and villages that the children are creating are amazingly detailed and so well planned out! The children have been using their problem-solving skills and negotiating with each other when they don’t see eye to eye. At times they need to step away from their building and take a look around to see the “bigger picture.” Some of the children have brought in their stuffed animals and made houses for each animal. They carefully measured out their walls and roads to be sure their stuffies would fit in the spaces being constructed. The children have also brought out the LEGO and continued their interest on a smaller scale.


Could this be the start of a new project for our group? We sure hope so! Stay tuned to see what our group comes up with next!


Two boys showing off their Lego house

Girl building with wooden blocksTwo girls building with wooden blocksWooden blocks built into a village

























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