School-age 2

Fall Games
October 2019


Boy making letters with playdough outside


Since the fall weather has been so beautiful, the School-age 2 children have been asking to stay outside for as long as possible! We’ve been really enjoying playing games of hockey, basketball, baseball and soccer which has encouraged our cooperation, team spirit, hand-eye coordination, and competitiveness. Unfortunately, we often forget that our sporting equipment is not professional grade and we’ve had quite a few hockey sticks break and multiple tennis and soccer balls go missing. We have been brainstorming ways to protect what’s left of our equipment. Some children asked to tape the sticks back together, others have come up with other games to play with the broken sticks, and a couple children suggested we ask our families for new equipment. So, if you have any extra hockey sticks, soccer or tennis balls hanging around that you no longer are using at home, we would love to take them off of your hands!


Girl marble painting outside

Girl marble painting outside



We’ve also enjoyed bringing more crafts and activities outside with us since we are spending less time in the classroom. We enjoyed acorn marble painting with fall colours, painting leaves we found outside, using playdough to create letters and spell out our names, as well as Group 2’s favourite card game, Skip-Bo!


Boy playing hockey outside

Two boys playing hockey outside




















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