School-age 2

Baking with School-age 2
November 2019


Our School Age 2 children decided they wanted to try their hands at baking this month. Their first step was to decide want they wanted to bake. Clara went around the room taking a poll to see what the plan would be. As a group we decided on cookies and cupcakes. The next step was to come up with a recipe. Sophia Rose took on this challenge gratefully and began to search Pinterest for the yummiest cookies and cupcakes she could find. She had 3 different recipes pinned for each and again we took it to a vote. And the winners are… Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar and Chocolate Banana Muffins.


As we began setting out the ingredients to start our baking experience, many children came over to help. We discussed measurements and how to add up the ingredients when you are making a double or triple batch. Leo asked to crack the eggs open. “I’m an expert egg cracker!” he told us proudly. Vincent, Asher, William and Stephen took turns mixing and adding the ingredients into the bowl. While we were getting the bananas out of the peel, a few of the children were very concerned about why the bananas were black. Katrina explained to the group that when bananas are put in the freezer, the peels turn black but that doesn’t mean they are rotten! Shelby got the muffin tray ready by putting the liners in each spot. Noel was very excited to be a part of it all as he helped Michelle pour the mix into each muffin liner. Jacob and Benjamin helped Michelle bring the trays to the kitchen to bake. We then set the timer and waited not so patiently for our treats!


This baking experience was a huge success! We made some delicious treats and had fun learning about measurement, baking tips, and turn taking. We can’t wait to bake another tasty treat soon!


A girl scoops muffin mix into a tray of muffin cups

A boy stands at a table and mixes ingerdients in a bowlA boy watches while a girl mixes ingerdients in a bowl







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