School-age 2

Introduction to Journaling
February 2020


This month we introduced journaling to the children in School-Age 2. We’ve noticed that our transition into the room after being outside has been a bit of a struggle lately so we thought we would change up our routine. Another educator in our centre had suggested journaling, and when we brought up the idea with the children in our group, we were happily surprised by the excitement they expressed. So now when we come in from outside time, the children grab their journals and a pencil and find somewhere in our classroom to draw, doodle or write for 10-15 minutes.


After doing some research, Katrina and Michelle found out that journaling with children has a lot of benefits, such as stress reduction, motivation, goal-setting, self-reflection and improving writing skills. We want the children to use this time to get creative and be free to express themselves however they want to. Every couple of weeks each child will have a chance to share something they have written or drawn in their journal with the group, if they chose to.


The first day of journaling was met with a mix of excitement and hesitation. We found that some of the children were unsure of what to draw or write. With a little help from their peers and educators, they all had a successful first day! Vincent decorated the front cover of his journal with all things hockey and then wrote about how the Oilers are doing in the standings this season! Henry and Jacob drew Bey Blade battles. Stephen also wanted to draw a Bey Blade but wasn’t sure how to draw it. Henry excitedly went to his back pack to get one of his Bey Blades for Stephen to trace. Anthony wrote about his birthday party over the weekend. Leo wrote about and drew a picture about losing his tooth. Joe-Joe thought back about a past trip to Millen Woods and wrote about what he saw there. Catherine, Alex and Sophia Rose all wrote a few sentences and drew pictures as well. Shelby drew a picture of her family on an egg hunt and the Easter Bunny hiding the eggs.


When the timer went off, a few children weren’t ready to be finished so they continued on with their writing. We asked the group how they felt about journaling and the majority of the group decided they loved it! A few children thought it would be better if they could use markers or coloured pencils instead of “boring pencils.” Overall, we believe this will be a good change of pace for our group. The children seemed much more calm and relaxed while journaling.


A boy sitting at the table writing in a journal


We can’t wait to see how the rest of the month goes!


A girl lying on the floor writing in her journal

Two boys sitting at a table writing in journals

Three girls sitting on the floor using chairs as a table to write on









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