School-age 1

Making Name Tags
September 2019


This month we welcomed new friends to Owl and said welcome back to our Senior Kindergarten friends. We began the first week and a half with a staggered entry. As friends were entering the program we wanted to learn their names by using a name tag activity.


We laid out foam papers, stickers and shape cut outs. The children used their fine motor skills to print, trace, or decorate their name tags. The children were proud of their work and were excited to show it off to their peers and educators. Aaron said, “Look at mine! My name is Aaron!” Ana was focused while doing hers as she wanted it to be decorated with hearts.


All the children had a chance to participate in the activity. The educators helped the children poke holes through their name tag and then the children used string to have it hang on around their necks like a long necklace. Mackenzie said, “It’s sort of like your name tag Amy! Look! I’m a teacher!” The children used their reading skills to learn each other’s names by sounding out the letters of their friends’ names.


This activity created an inviting environment that made the children feel welcome and learn new faces while spending time together.


Girl sitting at table writing her name Girl standing at table looking down at her nameBoy holding out a piece of paper with his name on it















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