School-age 1

Five Senses - Learning Through the Body
November 2019


School age 1 has continued to build its interest on the human body. We discovered what the five senses are and did an activity for each to further investigate the senses.

The first activity we did was the taste test. Dax, Harrison, Mackenzie, Genevieve and Aaron participated in this activity. The children taste tested each item while blindfolded to guess what they were tasting. The conclusion was that dark chocolate was bitter, Fuzzy Peaches were sour, pretzels were salty, honey was sweet, and lemon juice was sour. At the end of the experiment, all of the children in our group got to taste everything available.

The second test was a smell test. Parker, Isabella, Timothy, Gabriel, August, and Vonne were the participants for this activity. They had a variety of teas, Pumpkin Spice, Strawberry, Honey Lemon, Peppermint, and Peach, to sniff with their eyes closed so they couldn’t see the flavor. Parker thought they all smelled yummy while Timothy smelled chocolate and mint!

The third test was a sense of touch test. Aaron, Mackenzie, Isabella, Dax, Carmen and Timothy were very excited for this activity. They chose from playdough, a yarn needle, my cat costume glove, tape, a wet napkin and a paint brush tip. Children discovered how their body can sense touch without using their other senses. They took turns using descriptive words to explain what they were feeling.

During the fourth test we tested the children’s sight. I had written on a large paper 7 letters going across and 7 letters going down in different sized print. I had the children blindfold one eye and then the other to test their sight from a distance. Taylor could see from both sides, Kensington could see the bigger letters, Dax could see from both sides, Vonne could see from both sides, Anna could see the bigger letters, Aaron could see from both sides and Milo could see from both sides. We discussed how important it is to take care of our eyes as it helps us to see. We could use protective wear if we need to use sand paper, wear sunglasses from the sun and goggles when our parents are using any machine so they can’t get anything in their eyes. We also learned that carrots are good for our eyes.

Lastly we did a sound test using loud and quiet noises. I used the iPad to share a variety of noises and the children spoke about what they heard. I played the drums and Dax said it was loud, I played a baby crying and Aaron said it was loud, I played an owl call and Nii said it was loud, and I played a grizzly bear and Aaron said it was loud. I played Rain and Taylor said it was quiet, I played a bull frog and all of us said it was quiet, I played water going down a drain and Harrison said it was quiet, and lastly we heard a flute and Mackenzie said it was quiet. We also discovered that some noises are both quiet and loud like a guitar Carmen said and a whistle Anna said.

What we learned was that our brain sends a signals to our senses in order for them to work. We discovered that our senses trigger emotions within our bodies such as pleasant and unpleasant sounds, things we see that makes us happy, things we touch can calm us down and things we taste can make us warm and fuzzy inside or also feel disgusted. We learned through our experiences based on the world around us. We used communication skills through verbal and non-verbal to speak about how we are sensing each activity. Overall we had fun exploring through our senses and gathered information through observations and being hands on using our cognitive skills and critical thinking skills.


A girl smelling a tea bag during a smell test

A sample chart

A sample chart

A boy standing and wearing a mask








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