School-age 1

February 2020


In the past month the School-Age 1 children expressed their interest in things that spin. The Educators prepared a chart about types of things that spin and what the children would like to explore through provided activities. The children mostly voted for wheels.


The next day the Educators set up the wheel race activity which included dinky cars, paper ramps and tubes through which the cars could race. The children participated in the race by placing their car on the ramp or tube. They practiced their numeracy skills by comparing the length of the distance of their cars.


The children also enjoyed painting with cars by using construction paper and coloured paint. They were making observations about types of tracks that the wheels made while painting. This activity fostered the children’s fine motor skills and colour recognition as they guessed which colours would be created as the paints mixed together.


The group also had an opportunity to express their creativity and imagination through building different roads, ramps, and roundabouts for the small cars using the wooden blocks. They practiced their social skills through peer interaction and verbal communication as they planned, built and expanded on their “cities.”


To enhance the children’s literacy, the Educators provided books about cars and wheels that are on construction machines, motorbikes and off road vehicles. They learned about sizes of wheels and how are they made.


Finally, the children had a chance to make their own car by using the loose parts and provided tools such as hammer and nails. At the end they painted the car with paint and presented them to their peers.


Boy sitting on floor beside wooden blocks as a toy car passes by

Boy sitting at table reading a book

Boy beside ramp pushing cars down

Boy and girl using a ramp to roll cars down









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