Preschool Summer Adventures
Summer 2019


A collage of summer preschool memories

A collage of summer preschool memories





























This summer has gone by so fast! We had lots of fun and a lot of adventures in our Preschool program. This year we tried something new, along side the Sr.Campers. Once a week, to develop our literacy skills, we had “Book Buddy” days. During morning outside time, the preschoolers got a chance to pair up with one of the Sr. Campers to read books. The preschoolers loved the idea! We continued to develop our literacy skills by practicing our letters in our name and using dry erase paper and markers to trace other letters of the alphabet.


Every week we got creative and did some cool art. We explored a lot of open ended materials with paint, puffy paint, textured flip flops, dry erase markers on adhesive paper, being creative with playdough and markers, and we made some bird feeders.


We did a lot of spontaneous picnics outside and inside, as well as having some yummy cold treats. We had the opportunity to develop our risk taking skills every week by going to Lester B Persons wooden climber and exploring the forest near us.


The sun is shining and the weather is perfect for water play!!! We explored a lot of different ways to fill one bin to the next by using an eaves trough. We had a car wash and washed Mary’s car using soap, sponges and the hose. We incorporated numeracy by adding measuring cups and spoons into the water bin and experimented with how many cups of water we needed to fill a container. We explored soap bars and beads in water, counting how many beads and practicing our colour recognition and sorting in the water.


In July we had the opportunity to go to Lions Lagoon. We enjoyed the nice weather at the splash pad and explored the different kind of animals, discussing what we see and what they eat. We had a blast! In August we decided to go on another field trip to McLennan Park, enjoying the outdoors at the splash pad and developing our risk taking and balancing skills on their playground.


This summer has been very adventurous and so much fun!


A collage of summer preschool memories

A collage of summer preschool memories

































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