Elfie on the Loose
December 2019


A picture of the elf ElfieElf on the Shelf has become a Preschool tradition and the children have been really excited about it, both at Owl and at home. The preschool elf is named Elfie, which was a name created by past preschool children. Elfie has really brought holiday cheer into the program! Every day the children look forward to searching for him.

To start off the Elfie fun, Catherine read the Elf on the Shelf Book. The children sat around, listening and focusing on what Elfie needed. They were encouraged to remember the number one rule - “Don’t Touch Me, or I loose my Magic”. The children have taken pride in this rule because it allows them to feel a sense of well-being when taking care of Elfie. We have had a few cases when children did touch Elfie and sadly he didn’t come back the next day. The first time Elfie was touched we placed band aids on him and the children reflected really well saying “we feel bad, next time we won’t touch him”. The other time he was touched the children came up with a story. Miles said “Elfie went to the North Pole because we touched him, so he needs his magic back”.

Elfie’s antics have resulted in a lots of fun activities such as the Baby Shark Dance Party, Superhero Day, a scavenger hunt, Teddy Bear Tuesday, an awesome indoor snowball fight and much more.

We have also discussed Santa and how Elfie plays apart in his role. Korah says “Elfie watches me at night”. Aelan says “Elfie is watching you, we have to take turns” and Markus says “I’m always good”. The children all know that Elfie goes back to the North Pole every night and passes along all the things he sees and hears. Elfie is a big part of the excitement, exploration, joy and holiday spirit in the preschool room!


A picture of the elf Elfie

A pair of fun socks

A girl sits and shows off an indoor snowball

A girl shows off her indoor snowball


































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