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Summer Fun!
Summer 2019



The Junior Campers had a blast in our summer program this year! They explored and engaged in many activities such as water play, nature walks, crafts, practicing gross motor skills on our climber, playing dress up or board games and going on the fun field trips.

The campers have really enjoyed the visits from our new bunny friend, brought to the centre by Krystal. Nyx’s visits inspired our interest in bunnies which became our project for the summer. During the visits, Krystal taught the children about the needs and proper handling of the bunny. Shelby and Grace drew portraits of bunnies on the white board for the children. The children also set up books for the bunny and read for him. We made bunny ears out of construction paper and decorated them to make them unique. When we went to the gym we used our gross motor skills by hopping through the bunny obstacle course. Check out or project FloorBook for more information on our project!

Some friends wanted to go on a nature walk so we decided to go to the Millen Woods Forest to explore and collect some nature items such as rocks, sticks, leaves, acorns and more. The group loved exploring nature more closely.

The children had a chance to dress up on our Superhero and Princess day and had their pictures taken in the photo booth that was created by the campers. Also on pyjama day, the children wore their pjs and watched the movie “The Secret Life of Pets”.

On our field trip to Huron Park, the campers went on an adventure in the forest to explore nature and heard the story about Samuel the turtle and how pollution hurt his home. The children climbed the logs, looked at the pond, played in the sand using shovels and pails. The children took risks when climbing and jumping off the wooden structures. They balanced very well using the ropes!

The museum field trip was a blast. The campers got to learn all about the human brain. We experienced with light, reflection and sound. We used our cognitive thinking to match the brain pieces to a puzzle to animals and human.

The summer goes so fast and we are almost at the end! The Junior Campers enjoyed the program every single day by participating in our wide range of activities. They gained so much experience through play, social interactions and exploring. Thanks for a great summer!


A group of campers playing in a splash pad

A boy swinging on monkey bars

 Three girls sitting on the floor drawing in a Floor Book




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