Toddler 2

A Visit to the Construction Site
March 2020


The children from the Toddler 2 room have begun their new project on construction. This has been a big topic in our class for the past few weeks due to the construction project that is happening right beside our school yard!
We had the chance to explore some tools that educator Aly brought into our room. We used a hammer to hammer down some nails on a piece of wood. We used a saw to cut some branches outside in our playground. However, one of our favourite experiences as we enhance our learning on construction, has been walking towards the back of our school and take a closer look at the construction site!

The children have been so eager to see the workers use their tools and big machines! “Look there’s a big excavator!” Says Leo excitedly. “and there’s a bulldozer, they make a lot of noise!” mentions Joe. We hear the dump truck back up and the children start to mimic the same noise “beep beep” says Camden. We got to say hi to the construction workers and they waved back. “why are their ears covered?” asked Carter. “that is to protect their ears from all the noise” answered back educator Melissa.

Through this experience the children fostered their learning on construction, as we observed big machinery and how each worker was being safe. This has also helped with their imaginary and cooperative play, as they pretend to be “big construction workers” as Joe likes to call himself. This helps children to cooperate with each other in order to complete tasks. This could be something as simple as passing each other bricks or passing buckets to each other. By doing this, the children will strengthen their social skills and become stronger team players. We can’t wait to go back and continue to follow up with the construction site. “Are they building a big castle?” Asks Elaina. We’ll find out soon enough.



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