Toddler 1

Pumpkins Gallore
October 2019


As the fall season approached the children started to notice the changes around them, such as the leaves changing colours. We decided to plan a field trip to go for a walk to Foodland to pick up some pumpkins for the classroom. Along the way the children used their observational skills as they searched for different objects. Connor pointed and said, ‘Squirrel’ as it ran along the grass. Erik spotted all the pumpkins that decorated front yards. The children fostered their expressive language as they identified different items and asked some simple questions, such as “What is that?”


When we arrived at Foodland the children were all excited to see all the pumpkins. We walked up and down looking at the different ones, we discussed their size and colour. We decided to get three pumpkins to bring back for the classroom. Erik and Mason each chose a large orange pumpkin while Bentley chose a small white pumpkin.


two toddler children look at the rack of pumpkinsAn educator lifts a toddler to see the pumpkins on a higher shelf

four toddler children in the stroller take a closer look at a white pumpkin


We then began our adventure back to Owl. Along the way we found some pine cones on the ground and decided to collect them to bring back and add to the classroom for the children to explore. Bentley made sure to hold onto some in the wagon.


Toddler boy sits in the wagon with the pumpkins and pinecones


Later on we fostered the children’s creativity as used different coloured markers to colour the pumpkins. I wonder what else we can learn about with the pumpkins?






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