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Bringing the Outdoors In
March 2020



Boys with hands in binGirl using scoop

Recently, the cold weather has been preventing the toddler’s from being able to play outside as much as we would like to. On one of those cold mornings, Connor, Hannah, Bentley, Logan and Mason, were watching the snow fall out the window and talking about playing with it. Since we could not go outside, we decided to bring the outdoors into the classroom! We filled a sensory bin up with fresh snow for the toddlers to manipulate and explore. The toddler’s demonstrated their expressive language by talking about the properties of the snow; Logan said the snow was “cold”, Mason told us it was “white” and Hannah said the snow was “wet”. An educator pulled out some dried up markers for the children to colour on the snow, enhancing the children’s fine and gross motor skills. Slowly the snow went from white to a whole rainbow of different colours. As the snow began to melt a bit and was almost completely coloured on, Connor went to the dramatic play center and pulled out a plastic spoon. He brought the spoon over to the bin of coloured snow and began to use the spoon to dig. This gave an educator an idea to add more materials into the snow bin to keep the activity going. We added more spoons and cutlery from the dramatic play center, scoops and even some playdough toys; this demonstrated the toddlers increasing attention regulation skills as the minor changes to the activity kept them engaged for quite awhile afterward.



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Boy with hands in sensory bin







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