Sewing It All Together
October 2019


An educator shows 2 school age girls how to thread a needle“Beautiful things come together one stitch at a time”

- Author unknown.


The children in the school age program have immersed themselves in the creative world of sewing. Working in small groups the educators and the children have become co-learners as we learn this life skill. We started with learning how to thread a needle, this began to foster our problem solving skills as we discovered some of the thread was too large for the needles. We tried using plastic needles which created something of an issue as some of the children struggled to create stitches because the needles bent. Using her problem solving skills, Ava discovered that if you go through one layer of fabric at a time it created less pressure on the needle. Harper persevered through some struggles as she created a loop stitch on her pillow, and was able to untangle her loops to create a beautiful seam. Oliver mentioned, “I love to sew, I have a sewing machine at home, it’s faster than hand sewing” this sparked curiosity of the other children to want to continue working at sewing and all the fun and exciting things they can create. During this mini project we completed doll pillows. This allowed the children to foster their creativity, enhance their fine motor and hand-eye coordination.





School Age girl sews 2 pieces of red material one school age girls sews the material while another girl watches










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