Story Board Creations
March 2020



Child using art materials


The children in the school age program have been engaged in creating a story board this month. It started with Ava and Tianna working together as they drew pictures on a large Bristol board. They each created various squares and began to tell their story. This expanded to Lauren joining and adding in her story. Cameron and Braydon were next as they began their story; the story of two boys who created a bridge that joined their homes and allowed them to play all the time with their own page.


Using various art mediums and design methods, this expanded. We did some research on the use of story boards and began the process of moving from story boards to a visual/digital story board, allowing the children to put animation to their stories. Through this story board learning, the children were able to expand their creative design, enhance their communication and social skills as they worked together, foster their imaginations and begin the process of a new skill in media design. We look forward to getting back to our media design when we return to school.







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