Preschool 2

Pumpkin Patch Adventures
October 2019


This month, our preschool children went on a field trip to Herrle’s Country Farm Market. We started our trip by taking a bus from Ayr to St. Agatha. While we were on the bus, many friends commented on things they saw. Jaxon said, “Look! All those cars are going so fast!”. Once we got to the farm, we went on a wagon ride to a barn, where we engaged in learning about seeds and what they need to grow. Then, we looked at different bags of seeds, and matched them up to the picture of the vegetable we thought they came from. Meadow looked at the bag of snow pea seeds and said, “These look the same as these peas!” and pointed to a picture of snow peas. Grayson asked, “Is this carrot seeds?” and held up a bag of small black seeds. The Herrle’s staff told Meadow and Grayson that they were both right.


Preschool boy examines the bottom of the tractor

The children prepare to play in the corn and soy bean bins


Next, we took a wagon ride to another barn where we got to engage in a sensory experience. There were 2 troughs full of corn and beans, as well as some toy diggers, tractors, and wagons. The preschool children used their imaginations as they took on various roles of a farmer.








Our next activity was enjoying a snack and a seeing the inside of a big inflatable pumpkin! Inside the pumpkin we found balloons that we tried to catch. Our last stop before heading back to Owl was the pumpkin patch! Each child got to pick a pumpkin to bring home. They were so many different sizes however we picked out pumpkins that were about the same size as our head. We were so grateful to Herrle’s for the fantastic experience we had at their farm, and we can’t wait for our next field trip!



Four preschool children explore the inside of the inflatable pumpkinthree preschool children pick a pumpkin from the patch










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