Preschool 1

Chicka Chicka BOOM BOOM
March 2020



Children reading book with teacher


The preschool children have been busy learning their letters. We’ve been solidifying this knowledge by bringing visuals in so that they can not only recite them, but identify them when written as well. To further engage the children, Alyssa facilitated an activity inspired by the book “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”. This began by Kennedi putting rocks in a bucket to help “plant” our tree. Rowan, Rhys, Cody, Lily, Vita, and Payton quickly became interested and grabbed some letter stones for the base to “grow letters”. The children looked through the book together, observing letters and attaching our own letters to the tree, fostering their fine motor development by opening clothespins and our literacy and language development by identifying familiar letters. After this, we read the book together. Rowan noticed that the tree in the story had coconuts, leaves, and letters but our tree only had letters! When Alyssa asked where we could find leaves and coconuts, the children suggested we look outside.


Children on playground with wood pieces


Tree branch on table


Rowan, Adeline, Lily, and Kennedi worked together to collect tree cookies and pine tree branches from our playground to add to our tree but we quickly figured out that the branches from outside were too stinky for our room. We problem solved by decorating our tree with pinecones, tree cookies, and artificial leaves as finishing touches. It was so much fun to bring our story to life in our classroom! 


Tree branch on table Tree branch on tableBoy and girl looking at branchTree branch on table





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