Science Exploration
October 2019


This month in the infant room, the children have been showing an interest in their shadows. It started when Violet noticed her shadow on the wall. The sun was starting to set and it was shining through our window right at her level.


Violet babbled, which enticed Sophie to come over. Sophie and Violet spent some time moving around and watching their shadow follow them. A few days later the educators brought out some flashlights, animal toys and CDs to expand on this interest. As Sophie and Violet explored the materials, they practiced the concept of aiming the flashlight at the animals to make a shadow. Kiva showed them how to make a shadow on the ceiling and the wall. Then Violet aimed her flashlight onto a CD, and noticed that something appeared on the table. Kiva explained that what they were seeing was a reflection. Violet took her time experimenting with the flashlight and CD. Even on our walk Margot noticed her shadow as she was walking along the pathway!


infant girl sees her shadow on the pathway

Infant boy flashes the light on the mirror

Infant child sees their shadow on the wall


To allow further explore of this new idea of light and reflection, Kiva hung some CDs on the ballet bar (in front of the mirror) and put out some flashlights. Caleb held the light close to the CD and watched as colourful lines appeared on the CD. He also noticed that the light went through to the other side if he put the flashlight in the middle of the CD. Caleb then shined the light at the mirror, and watched it bounce back. Violet came over to watch and Caleb gave her a turn with the flashlight. She worked to make the light reflect onto the ceiling and the floor.


During these experiences the children were engaged in open ended science exploration. This enabled the children to use their natural curiosity to implement their ideas. They gained a sense of belonging as they contributed these ideas individually and in a group setting. When children are able to experiment and try to figure things out on their own they show that they are competent and capable.





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