Exploring Textures
March 2020



Child touching texture on windowChild playing with sand in small binChild touching sticky paper on window




















This month in the infant room, we have been doing a lot of different sensory play to find out which type of sensory play our group of children like to do the most. At the beginning of the month we explored coloured sand. We mixed two different kinds of sand together and used our sense of touch to play with it. We also used our fine motor skills as we picked up scoops, scooped up the sand and dumped it out. Next we explored Mac tack, a double sided sticky paper. We stuck one side to the window and left the other blank. We used loose parts like feathers, pompoms, tissue paper and cotton balls to stick onto the sticky paper. This brought out a lot of trial and error, “what happens if I touch it with my hand?” And “why does my hand feel sticky after?” Where some of the questions we asked the infants when they were trying this out. Finally at the end of this month we explored paint....with our bodies! The infants where so excited to start this. This activity was a great sensory activity but it also helped foster their balance because the paint would get a little slippery if they talked to walk over it. There was also some trial and error here too. The infants would dip their paint brushes into the cup than take it onto the paper. They would also pick up the cup and dump it out. “What happens to the paint when the cup is flipped over? What would happen if we flipped it back up? Will it still have paint in it?” These are some of the questions we asked when exploring. We will continue to keep exploring different sensory activities because this group of infants loves them! 






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