Water Exploration and Fun
Summer 2019


The toddlers have enjoyed taking part in various water activities this summer, not only is it a great way to keep cool but also full of learning experiences. One of their favourite activities to participate in, is exploring with coloured water, bubbles and recyclable containers. So on a very hot day, the educators provided those same materials for the toddlers to explore, manipulate and play with.


2 children dumping water


The educators observed as the toddlers used both their hands to grasp onto the sides of the containers, then they would dunk them into the water, filling their container full. Then slowly they would lift it up above their heads, and watched the movement of the water as it trickled down out of the holes and back into the water bin, until it was empty again. Simona repeated this action over and over, laughing excitedly as her friend Emily watched.

As the toddlers explored further with the containers, the educators talked about the volume and quantity that it would take to fill them up. “How many scoops of water will your container take to fill up. Let’s count the scoops” said Crisitna. Together the toddlers helped to count the scoops of water. Then once the containers were full, it was time to pour the liquid back out. The toddlers tilted their containers until the water spilled back out. You could see the focus and awareness on their faces as the bubbles cascaded back into the sensory bin. This action created even more bubbles upon impact and that made the toddlers very excited to see more bubbles. “I caught lots of bubbles said John, holding his hands under the flowing water. This action was too repeated over again, the toddlers appearing to enjoy the feeling of the cool bubbly water on their arms and hands.





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