The Apple Tree
September 2019


On a recent walk around the neighborhood we noticed an apple tree growing in front of a neighbor’s front lawn, and the toddlers were very happy by this discovery. So we stopped and talked a little bit about what we saw, how the apples hung from the branch by their stem, and that the apple tree needs plenty of water, good soil and sunshine in order for them to grow.

The next day, to scaffold on the toddlers’ interest of apples, the educators brought in some for the them to look and explore with. The toddlers noted that there was a stem on the top of the apple, as well as a few leaves. “I see a stem” said Sam proudly, as the educators asked their friends to share what they were seeing. “The outside of the apple is called the peel or it’s skin” explained Cristina. “That is my favourite part to eat from the apple” shared the educator. “Me too” said Simona smiling.

In order to get a better understanding of what an apple consists of, the educators cut one in half so the toddlers good get a closer look. We noticed that there were seeds inside the center of the apple, and when cut down again, the educator then showed the toddlers what is called the core of the apple. The toddlers were then encouraged to manipulate and examine the different parts of the apple using their sense of touch, smell and sight.

“Should we try this apple to see what it tastes like?” asked Cara. The toddlers cheered and nodded their heads in agreement.

“Some apples can be sweet and others can be sour in taste” said Cristina. “What does this one taste like?”
Sam took a big bite of apple slice, and said “Sweet!” As we continued to examine the apple’s peel, stem, core and seeds, we finished our taste testing and did some brainstorming of other delicious apple treats. The educator then explained that not only can we eat them but we can create with them as well.


Apple cut in half

The toddlers were then provided with apples and various coloured paints to create their own apple prints on construction paper. This experience enhanced the toddlers’ science, language and creative domains; as colour mixing was experienced as well as the discussion about the different parts of an apple.


Child painting with an apple








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