Working on our eye-hand and fine motor skills
November 2019


One day the educators placed a provocation on the table, that consisted of a sensory bin filled with wooden scrabble pieces, monopoly tokens and plastic lids which allowed for some sensory exploration.


The toddlers showed their curiosity as they approached the sensory bin, eager to take a closer look at what was inside. Lia stood on her tip toes as she leaned forward and spotted the pieces instantly. Using her pincer grasp, she picked up a scrabble piece and held it up to the educator who was observing nearby. “A, B, C!” she said excitedly. Lia had recognized that there were letters on the wooden pieces. And was making that connection. “That is the letter C” said the educator pointing at the letter in her hand. “C is for Cat” she added. “Yeah, C for Cat” repeated Lia.

As Lia continued to pick up piece after piece using her eye-hand coordination, and showing the piece to the educator, they worked together to identify the letter. Lia would then repeat what she was hearing. Using her recollection and memory skills, Lia then spotted the letter L on a scrabble piece and said excitedly, “L is for Lia!” This conversation created interest from the other toddlers that were close by playing on the carpet so they walked over to see what the excitement was all about.

Kinley’s eyes widened with excitement, when she spotted what was inside of the bucket too. She had observed the silver monopoly pieces, and stretching out her arm she reached down into the bucket. “I got one!” she said proudly. She then looked at it, appearing to be a bit puzzled. “What do you see?” asked the educator. Kinley shrugged her shoulders and looked to the educator again. “Let’s take a closer look, what do you think it is?” asked the educator. Lia being a helpful friend, looked at the token that Kinley was holding and identified it for her. “It’s a car” she said looking at her friend. Kinley smiled then proceeded to place it inside the plastic container. She then went in search for some more token pieces, taking out one by one, showing her friends and placing them back inside the lid until the container was full, repeating this process over and over again.


You could see the focus in Lia’s face, as she slowly titled the plastic lids back and forth, moving the wooden pieces from one container to the other. She then looked at the educator smiled, and began singing the alphabet song. Lia was displaying her Sensory motor integration, as she coordinated her senses with her motor skills. The singing caught Kinley’s attention, so she placed the monopoly pieces down and began exploring with the wooden alphabet pieces as well. Soon the two friends were singing together as they manipulated and explored with the wooden pieces.


Children picking up small pieces from a container


Eli came in to join the fun, as he gently picked up a handful of tokens and wooden pieces then would let them fall in between his fingers. He seemed to enjoy this sensation of the metal and wooden pieces in between his fingers, as he repeated this action over and over again as the singing continued.


Children exploring container with small objects in it


These children were developing their social Interest, as they engaged in the group activity and were singing songs together, that had a connection to the activity and materials at hand.





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