Fine Motor Fun
December 2019


One morning out on the table, the educators left out an invitation of Christmas ornaments and a wired structure like Christmas tree. The toddlers were very curious about these items and decided to take a closer look and explore with them.


Zoey first walked up to the table and noticed the colourful ornaments. She picked one up and showed it to the educator, smiling. The educator sat down next to her and picked up her own ornament. “It’s a red ornament Zoey. What should we do with it?” she asked. Kinley who was also playing at the table answered, “ball, a ball”. Cristina then explained that the ornament was the same shape as a ball, it was round. But this ornament could be used to decorate a tree, structures or around the classroom.

The educator invited exploratory actions with predictive questions by asking, “what do you think will happen if we try and put the ornament on this holder. These predictive questions promote the cause and effect explorations of toddlers. Zoey and Henry showed the educator and their peers what happened to the ornaments through their actions of concentrating on placing the ornament on the tree. “Up here” said Kinley nodding her head in agreement and reaching up to place the ornament on one of the metal pockets.

Taking Kinley’s lead, Zoey also stretched out her arm and tried placing the ornament onto the wire pocket. She attempted a few times, standing on her tip toes, extending her arm, closer and closer but each time the ornament fell onto the table. This seemed to frustrate Zoey, but with encouragement from her friend Kinley and the educator, Zoey continued to try until she was successful. Zoey was displaying her problem solving skills, by trial and error. She continued to show her persistence and repeated an action, before finally accomplishing her goal of balancing the ornament into the wired pocket.

Chayce and Kinley worked alongside one another and filled each pocket with an ornament. Once they had finished this task, they took the ornaments off and repeated the same action once again. You could hear Kinley counting the ornaments, as she removed them one at a time and setting them down on the table. This activity also helped the toddlers work on their team work and turn taking skills as some toddlers waited patiently for a turn with the fine motor activity.


Children placing orniments onto metal rack

This activity allowed for the toddlers to do some Spatial exploration as they used their eye hand coordination, problem solving and fine motor skills to navigate the ornaments around the wire tree, until they figured out how to balance them inside the pocket wires. You could see the focus and determination on their faces during this activity as well as the pride that they felt when the task was complete.


Child placing orniment onto metal rack








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