Sr. Camp

Sr. Camp
Summer 2019


Throughout the summer a reoccurring theme of interest for the children was creating was hair salons. The interest of creating hair salons emerged in week one of camp and flowed through into weeks six and seven. A number of materials were provided to support this learning such as; bobby pins, hair ties, combs, thread that was used as hair extensions. The children interested in creating and developing hair salons would often also bring these materials from home. Styles of hair included ponytails, braids, and hair extensions. By allowing them to participate in this experience, the children were able to express themselves positively.

The girls slowly became business owners by making appointments in their appointment books. These appointments included which “stylist” would work on a camper’s hair and at what time of the day. The salon owners also learned organize when each stylist was to take his/her break and why it was important, as well as creating several methods of payment when the appointment was complete. For example, campers created paper currency to use when paying for their haircut, or if they did not have paper currency they would be able to pay with their debit card or credit card.


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The Sr. Campers were also eager to do the hair of others. The stylists would often ask camp educators if they could do their hair. Or those running the hair salons would ask to invite small groups of children from Jr. Camp to their Salon so the younger children could get their hair done. This created a new sense of leadership, team work, and collaboration between those getting their hair done and the stylists of the hair salon doing their hair.

The initial interest in hair salons paved the way for other business to be created, such as a salon that also provided massages or meditation. The interest in doing hair and opening hair salons sparked the interest of a wacky hair day for the staff and children in Sr. Camp. Children were excited to participate in this special day and brought items like hair chalk, cupcake wrappers, and pipe cleaner to share with each other on this special day.








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