School-age 4

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September 2019


This month at Owl, the school-age 4 children continued their interest from last school year; of utilizing the building materials outside to create a restaurant. Nick, Colton, Lucas, Thomas, and James selected materials from the preschool playground and moved them to a small patch of grass on the back hill of the school playground. They found a shaded tree and began to build. They used the environment around them propping the wooden boards and materials up against the tree, as well as using natural materials found around them. They used rhubarb leaves, wild flowers, grass and bark. Nick placed a wooden plank of wood on a milk crate to create and table top to prepare the food.


A group of children making a restaurant


The next day the boys were excited to rebuild their restaurant. This time the boys built it on the green turf on the playground. While the boys were hard at work rebuilding the girls decide to build a restaurant of their own. Leah C, Maddy, Ella and Chloe built theirs against the log across from the boys. They used materials such as; milk crates, wood planks and large wooden spools. They turned the wooden spools into tables and placed the milk crates on either side to create a dining table Leah used her umbrella from home and placed in the middle of the wooden spool where there was a small hole big enough to place the handle of the umbrella into. The boys quickly realized they had competition. Nick shouted out “OH NO, there is another restaurant and they have all the good stuff.” The boys tried to problem solve on how they could make their restaurant more appealing. When Nick didn’t get the answer he was looking for he said “well then I quit.” He left Lucas’s restaurant and joined the girls. One by one the boys left Lucas’s restaurant to join the girls. When Lucas was left all alone, a merger took place as he decided to join as well. He disassembled the old restaurant and brought the materials to help build a bigger restaurant with the others. Through this interaction the boys learned how to communicate and problem solve. They also learned that we don’t always get what we want and effective ways to work through a problem without creating a larger problem. Lucas was not upset his friends left him instead he joined with them to create something bigger and better.




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