School-age 4

Communication is keys to success
October 2019


School-age 4 learned some basic sign language, with the guidance of Faye to help them communicate with a child in our program who is non-verbal. While outside Lacey used sign language to invite Faye to play doctor. Faye gestured back to Lacey saying “You want to play doctor?” Lacey nodded her head yes at Faye and answered “Okay!” At the same time, Alicia was observing Faye and Lackey’s’ interactions. Which sparked Alicia’s interest in learning sign language. Alicia asked Faye “Can you show me how you did that?” Faye replied to Alicia, “Sure it’s easy.” Faye then guided Alicia through some basic sign language she could use to talk with Lacey. Faye taught her signs for washroom, no, no thank you, thank you, doctor, help me and help you. While Faye taught Alicia, Ella G was interested in learning as well and began to watch Faye teach Alicia


Faye sat on the ground in front of Lacey. Lacey grabbed the outdoor gym bag and began going through its contents. Pulling all kinds of things out such as skipping ropes, scoops and mats. She then began placing them on Faye. She used the plastic end of a skipping rope and places it against Faye’s inner part of her elbow and told Faye “Okay, all done now.” Faye got up and began to take all the items Lacey used off. Ella then signed to Lacey using her new knowledge of signing and asked to play “doctor”. Lacey excitedly said “Okay, sit down” She then did the same thing with Ella. When Ella checkup was done, Chloe then asked if she too could have a checkup. Ella took this opportunity to then teach Chloe the signs she had learning earlier from Faye.


Two children playing doctor

This beautiful interaction between the children demonstrates a wonderful sense of belonging and engagement. Everyone had a part in the play and engaged with each other in a new form of communication. Lacey, Faye, Ella and Chloe engaged in this imaginative play together, instilling a sense belonging for everyone involved. This interaction also demonstrated Faye’s leadership qualities and her ability to teach others with patience and kindness. It also demonstrates the educator and child as co-learners. Alicia not knowing sign and wanting to learn from Faye inspired others in the program to learn as well, giving that ability to learn from each other, letting the child guide us instead of us guiding the child.




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