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November 2019


This month at Owl, we have been making movie trailers with iMovie. This play come about around Halloween. One day Aliah and Faye were the last two children in program. Looking for something more to do they asked to make a movie with the iPad. Alicia inquired what their plan would be and how would they make the movie. Faye explained to Alicia their idea of a scary horror story and they would make a trailer for their movie with iMovie.


Intrigued on the idea, Alicia helped the two girls make their movie by pressing record when Faye yelled action. They complied their shots together and added subtitle text. The next day excited to finish and show their peers in the program, they got straight to work on it. While they were filming, this sparked an interest for many of the other children, who quickly asked if they could make their own movie trailer.


While waiting for their turn Olivia, Emilia and Ella H. created their own script and ideas they wanted to implement into their trailer. Once finished, Faye and Aliah passed the iPad over to the next group to have the opportunity to create their own movie trailer. Both groups were excited to present and share their creations with their peers.


Both groups worked hard to make their trailers and their creativity and personalities shined through their work. They used communication and problem solving to work through idea differences while using their imagination and acting skills. One problem they encounter was each clip could only be 6 seconds long. Their solution to the problem; when the skit was longer the 6 seconds the actor would freeze in that position and then continue their movement when the videographer would say “action”. This interaction brought lots of creativity and imagination. The trailers turned out amazing and the kids were excited to show parents at pick up.


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