School-age 4

Sense Of Belonging
January 2020


This month in owl, we have been focusing on belonging and making everyone feel welcomed. School age four has combined with school age 5 this year and not all of us were friends in the beginning. We have had our differences and disputes in program and that’s fine it’s how we handle ourselves and the situation we find ourselves in. We all don’t have to be friends but we are to respect each other and respect ourselves. We have talked about the power of our words and how they can affect each other, and sometimes it’s not what we say but how we say it. On the other hand, we have had others build new friendship with people in the program that will last a life time.


Children streaching legs in the air

Aliah is new to the program this year and has found lots of friendly faces in our program. Everyone has included her in their play and made her feel welcomed by inviting her to join in on a game of monopoly, including her in their movies and taking the time to listen to her ideas. Faye and Aliah have become the best of friends and have no problem including anyone and everyone in their play. Faye always has a smile and a hug for her friends and educators. She takes the time to make sure her friends are okay and having fun. These are just some of the many great attributes we are focusing on in school age four, because when we have a sense of belong that’s when learning can really happen, and these are life lesson we take with us through life. We are presented difficult situations right into adulthood and we are giving them the building blocks of building strong friendships and the tools to help us problem solve.





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