School-age 3

Creating a Geo Board
September 2019


This month the children enjoyed creating a geo board together. This hands on activity was a great way for the children to use every day tools such as, nails, hammers and wood to create a unique project. Several children from SA 2, 3 and 4 participated. Evan was the first to hammer a nail into our board. As he hit the nail, Ashley noticed that he had adjusted his grip on the hammer and said, “If I hit the nail straight on it gets easier.” He also explained to Ashley that using a hammer, “Works out our muscles more than a drill because we have to do it ourselves.” Everett was next up to try hammering in a nail. He said to Ashley, “This is too difficult for me so I’m only doing one nail.” Ashley encouraged Everett to keep trying. Everett was successful in getting the nail to go into the board after hammering a few more times.


Child hammering nail into wooden board


Other children became curious about what the SA3 children were doing and asked to join. Isaac from SA4 even offered to help Emma by saying to her, “I can help you if you want me to.” Emma replied, “I can do it myself.”


Our geo board project gave the SA children the opportunity to use their fine motor skills, self-regulation skills (Patience, turn taking) and hand - eye coordination. It also showcased their persistence and focus. Thus, sparking an interest in woodworking.




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