School-age 3

Showing Empathy for Others
October 2019


This month during our outdoor time, Kaitlin noticed that the children were pretending to use the tires as horses. She observed the girls using their balance and coordination. Ashley inquired about why Purslyn was sitting on the wooden wheel? Lauren replied, “We are riding horses and Purslyn is our helper. She has to sit on the “Helper Chair” until I need help.” Ashley dug deeper into the conversation and said to Lauren, “What kind of helper is Purslyn being? Lauren said, “She is helping me not fall because I have special needs and I can’t stand up on my own.” Ashley then asked both girls how they feel when they help others? Purslyn said, “It makes me feel good inside.” Lauren replied by saying, “It makes me feel happy that I can help someone.”


We made learning visible throughout this experience by observing the children and highlighting their ability to show empathy towards others. Therefore, teaching them about kindness, acceptance and inclusivity.


Child rolling a tire, child sitting on wooden spool










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