School-age 3

Deconstructing Electronics
November 2019


Investigation, Problem Solving and Making Discoveries:


This month, Sam brought in some old electronics for the children to explore. She offered the children the opportunity to inquire about how and what to use to deconstruct the electronics. Evan tried several times to figure out how to open the back of the router. Using the iPad, Evan and Sam were able to find out that a router has a, “Circuit board” inside of it. As Evan was taking apart the router he said to Sam, “This is actually pretty hard to do.” Evan used the tools that Sam had brought in to help open the back of the router. Carmela and Lily also appeared interested in this activity, as they walked over and asked if they could deconstruct some electronics as well.


As educators, we make learning visible by encouraging the children to participate in hands on experiences that promote problem solving. We also focus on the children and educators working together as co-learners. Investigating and discovering answers together in a cohesive and fun way.


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