School-age 3

Moon Dough
March 2020


We have been busy beavers as always in school age 3 this month! With successful endeavors making play dough and baking cookies we decided to expand our horizons and attempt to make MOON DOUGH. It turned out to not only be a hands on sensory experience but, it allowed us to use simple math skills such as; measuring, estimating and predictions, as well as turn taking, sharing and positive feedback!


We began our experience by gathering around a large table and ensuring that there was enough space that everyone who wanted to participate could fit. We then got two large white buckets and sat them in the middle of the table and began to follow the moon dough recipe that our educator Sam provided us. First we needed TWO cups of corn starch however, because we were doubling the recipe we figured out that we needed FOUR. Carmela and Hanna dumped the first two cups followed by Lucas B and Alexandria. Next we needed to add one cup of conditioner, Lily and Shannon our educator decided to add this to each of the bins. While pouring the conditioner we unfortunately ran out and the only alternative we could find was shampoo, so we discussed as a group on whether or not we thought that it would have the same effect on the cornstarch as the conditioner – we all made predictions and agreed that we should do it so we decided to go ahead and put shampoo in one of the bins. The next step Olivia and Emma were very excited for – MIXING! We were able to stick our hands in the gooey mixture and blend the two ingredients together. At this stage we were experimenting with the dough, was it too wet? Too dry? Did we need to add anything else? After, ensuring that the dough was a consistency that we all agreed on “IT IS SO SOFT”- Lucas B, “I just love it and want to play with some now” – Purslyn we decided to add some food colouring! We had the option of pink or blue food colouring though, instead of choosing one we chose to mix both colours to create purple. Some of our hands changed colour in the process of mixing in the food colouring but, we knew it would come off! Our final step was to split up the moon dough among our group members. We did really well with this! Everyone was extremely willing to share and break apart their larger pieces to share with peers who had a little less and we were able to take it home to play with.


 Excited child stand on carpet


We have really enjoyed sensory activities that allow for us to experiment with ingredients. They allow us to use critical thinking, problem solving as well as cooperation and understanding when listening to our peers’ ideas. We also are able to use simple math skills when measuring ingredients and dividing portions among our peers. We are excited to do more similar and exciting activities in the future.






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