School-age 3

Group Games
December 2019


The School-age 3 children have explored and invented their own versions of team and group games this month! These have included genres such as strategy, gross motor and creative/dramatic, as well as 2 player, teams and large group. Strategy and other cognitive skills (numeracy, planning) are required for the game of Battleship. With this game, the children also have the opportunity to practice hand-eye and fine-motor coordination as well as turn-taking. Gross motor games have included the "Carpet Colour Game", in which the children appoint a colour caller and the other participants race to get to that block of colour on the carpet. The last to get to the colour calls next.


The children used their creativity to add more physical challenge to the experience: if last, you must do a set of exercises. These included push-ups, sit-ups, burpees, squats, jumping jacks and mountain climbers. The children even wanted to add more reps to their exercise challenge!


Another popular carpet game is "Dance Charades". The children set up an audience of chairs at the edge of the carpet, then another player chooses an action card. That player must act out the detailed action such as "popping popcorn" or "wrapping presents". The audience must guess the exact phrase/action. Whoever guesses accurately goes next. This game is a fun way to practice our social skills while being creative and imaginative in a physical way.


These games have encouraged the children to cooperate, communicate effectively and use their gross motor, cognitive and creative abilities all while supporting the four foundations of engagement, expression, well-being and belonging.


Group of children playing a table game








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