School-age 2

Outdoor Loose Parts
September 2019


During our first month at After School, the School Age 2 children have been exploring the materials within our program, as well as the outdoor area as many of the children have not yet had the opportunity to use the Sunshine Garden and open field space. The children often use this space for gross motor and risk taking play as well as construction with large loose parts. A few of the girls discovered a creative way to use the wooden pieces to build a restaurant and massage table. Some of the boys found an inventive way to use the tires as they created a rolling race!


Child laying on table receiving a back massage from a peer.  Others waiting in line for their turn


Monika, Abby and Avery used the large wooden loose parts to assemble a restaurant table, with the stumps as the base and a thin board as the surface. The customers sat at a stump to the table and were served “tacos” (leaves with wood chips), drinks and dessert! This restaurant was then converted to a massage business! Abby tried laying down across the thin board, previously the table top, and the children took turns gently patting her back in different patterns. Other children that were interested formed a line to take turns to have a “massage.”


Some of the boys such as Joey, Nolan, Tiago and Evan created a fun tire rolling game on the sloped pavement! The began by experimenting with how to keep the tires steady and rolling in a straight line. Once they mastered this, the boys decided to race the tires to the wall. They even chased them down the hill, which required them to control the tires and their bodies to stay at a safe and manageable speed.


These experiences with outdoor loose parts enhanced the children’s sense of creativity, self-awareness, social skills and gross motor skills.






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