School-age 2

Colours of the Rainbow
March 2020


This past month we really got into beading, melting beads that is! One day we wanted to do melting beads but school age 4 had them in their room. We decided that we should ask if we could borrow a few of the melting sheets and some beads. School age 4 said of course and gave us a huge bowl of beads and a bunch of the melting sheets and even offered to melt them for us. When we got back to our room we encountered our first problem, how can we all do melting beads at once? We tried working in teams but that was too crowded. Then we tried taking turns but some of us didn’t get turns because melting beads take a lot of time to make. Then we had an idea, we decided to divide the beads into smaller containers and move them to a different table so we had more than one melting bead station. This helped us all work together and cooperate. We did this in moments like when Abby was building a bear she asked Matvy “can you help me find more brown for my bear’s fur?” Matvy helped and it allowed the job to be done quicker with them both working together to sort the beads.


Sorting the tiny beads allowed us all to work on our fine motor skills and patience. Both of which we had tested by trying to sort and match all the little colours and put the beads on the little pegs on the melting sheets to be melted. The tricky part was the slow journey over to the melting station. Carefully balancing our creations on the paper and maneuvering around our peers and obstacles all while trying not to drop or spill any of the melting beads, they all survived with minimum casualties.


 Colourful plastic beads


This was an amazing opportunity for us to express our creativity through art and gave us something we could take home after and be proud of what we accomplished. From making bears and turtles to making shields and ninja stars we could really make anything we put our minds to. Nothing was too big or too small for us to make. We even experimented just making random lines and shapes to see what would happen when they were melted and how it would look. We learned that doesn’t always work out but it made us think of a way to get it to work and ask why it didn’t at times. I can't wait to see where our imagination and skills we learned from this will take us next month





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