School-age 2

Building with Lego
December 2019


This month, the school-age 2 children received a new box of colourful Lego blocks. When they saw the brand new Lego box, the children seemed to be very excited to see inside. The children gathered around a table and our new educator, Jennifer, helped them open the box. The children took turns to open the bags of Lego blocks and poured them into a basket. Once they discovered the included booklet, the children’s faces were filled with smiles. Looking at the book, Matvey and Wyatt collaborated to make a car and crane. Whenever they had difficulty with following the next step, the children helped each other to carry it out. At the beginning, the children seemed to like following the guidelines from the book to build the blocks. However, as time went by, the children demonstrated their interest in making creations from their imagination. Wyatt spent long time at the Lego table making his own vehicle. Later, educator Eunhee wondered what he was making and Wyatt said, “This is an airplane combined with a car and train.” He seemed to be very proud of his new vehicle. Wyatt asked Jennifer, “Can you take a picture of mine so later I can remember how I built it?”


Children building with Lego at a table


In the meantime, Kailey and Silvia collaborated with the Lego to express their imagination. Eunhee wondered what they were working on. Kailey said, “We are making a house for LOL dolls.” Silvia and Kaylee exchanged their ideas to design the house for the dolls. During this experience, the children asked for help from the educators and their peers. Silvia envisioned a wall and she was not sure how to connect the certain types of blocks. She asked Eunhee to assist her to build up the wall. Through this experience, Silvia practiced how to organize her thoughts in logical ways to express her ideas.


At the same time, Matvey working on building his own construction. Later, he proudly showed his work to his friends and the educators. Matvey made his own cash register with many details. We were very impressed by the small key board pieces and drawer to keep the coins and bills.


Early Learning for Every Child Today: A Framework for Ontario Early Childhood Settings (2014) states that “Early brain development sets the foundation for lifelong learning, behavior and health” (p.1). We believe that play is the essential part of promoting their learning and igniting their curiosity. Through this high-quality play mediated by adults, children make sense of the world. Moreover, high-quality play helps children obtain all the essential skills which are required to develop as successful adults. The above document also adds that “stacking blocks, and mixing sand and water, encourages logical-mathematical thinking, scientific reasoning and cognitive problem solving…the learning that occurs is a by-product of play” (Best Start Expert Panel on Early Learning, 2014, p. 12). This month, thanks to our new Lego blocks, the children had various meaningful learning moments to expand their cognitive skills and feel a sense of engagement.


Children showing Lego creations









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