School-age 1

October 2019


This month, the children in school age one have continued to express their interests in science experiments. In the beginning of the month we created a volcano by mixing two ingredients together, baking soda and vinegar. The mixing of these two ingredients created a reaction, causing it to bubble and as one of the children said “it’s erupting like a volcano”. This activity gave the class an opportunity to enhance their understanding of cause and effect. Isabella said it looks like a muffin, and Leo said it smelled sour, or like a lemon. Ava agreed with Leo that the volcano smelled strong like lemon and said it was bubbling like a soda bubbles when you first opening it. We were able to make a great connection to our personal experience. The children were able to practice the learning foundations of engagement and belonging while experimenting and discussing with one another their predictions and observations.


Children mixing baking soda and vinegar in trays

We decided to do a group activity to extend the children’s current interests involving experiments. After discussions with the class, we decided to make slime together. This activity helped to enhance their abilities to make predictions, observations and observe cause and effect. We had a guest come over to our room and show us how to make the stickiest, and stretchiest slime. Once the slime was ready to manipulate, the children explored their creativity. They were able to practice the learning foundation of expression when connecting their creations of slime to something they’ve seen or done before. Maya used the slime to create a happy smile cookie and a pizza with pepperoni. Frederic described the slime as bouncy and jiggly. We encourage the children to express their experience through their play as this is how learning happens.


Child using tongs to touch slime










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