School-age 1

January 2020


We have noticed that the children have been learning about collecting and representing data through bar graphs. For example, using a bar graph one kindergarten room asked the children what weather they prefer. The bar graph visually represented their answers.


Extending what the children are learning in kindergarten, we presented the after school kindergarteners with an empty bar graph that included pictures of the types of transportations we have been talking about in each column. The question we wanted to collect data on is: “what form of transportation do you want to learn more about?” Finding different ways of representing mathematical ideas such as bars graphs, helps children develop thinking flexibility and how to represent their ideas that are beyond oral or written forms.


Bar graph


Practicing our numeracy skills, Sebastian helped count the number of squares in each category and William told us which one had the most and which one had the least. Airplanes had the most squares. 15 out of 22 children wanted to learn more about airplanes. Now that we know what the majority interest is, we will continue to explore airplanes thought our transportation project.


The next step was to figure out what we want to know. Thomas and Liam wondered how airplanes go up and how their propellers work. Hadley and Alice wanted to know how airplanes are made, including the seats and seat belts. Isabelle K. wondered how they go so fast when they are on the ground. Mia wondered why airplanes wobble on the ground, and Ellie wanted to know why airplanes are so big.


Inspired by our talk about airplanes, Owen decided to make a paper airplane. This caught the interest of Thomas, Hunter, Fred, Oakley, Mia, Ava and Sebastian. Oakley expressed an interest in learning how to make paper airplanes too. Owen explained how to make them step by step. These unique paper airplanes have been a daily interest this month. Especially since these airplanes can fly in curves, loops, and hover. Attached is a photo of the instructions used to make the airplanes and a link to the instructions below.


Children at a table folding paper





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