Preschool 2

Puzzles, puzzles everywhere!!
September 2019


Since coming to our preschool 2 class the children have discovered the world of puzzles. If you ever come into our classroom you will always find at least one child putting together a puzzle.

At first the children were intrigued by the wooden peg board puzzles. The pieces are bigger and there are fewer of them. Liam, Emmett and David all work together at the same table putting together different puzzles. The table is full of their finished products. Their favorite puzzles are the two that depict emergency vehicles. We are not sure if the attraction to these puzzles is the fact that they are firetrucks, police cars and ambulances or the fact that when completed they make sounds. Ben M. and Max also spend lots of time on these two puzzles. As they work together they also chat about what they are doing and what they want to be when they grow up.


Children sitting at a table working on wooden puzzles


Elyar has completed the emergency vehicle puzzle so often that he is now able to put the firetruck, ambulance and police car together outside the frame of the puzzle. This is a natural progression demonstrating what he has learned.


Brayden and Ben M. have also progressed in the last three weeks in their puzzle making skills. They have now ventured to look into the wicker baskets to see what kind of pictures they can make with the cardboard puzzles. These puzzles have more pieces and for the most part are more difficult to put together.


Puzzles are a great way to enhance fine motor skills, eye/hand coordination, memory skills, color recognition and color matching and sparks some great conversations. They also develop a sense of pride when the puzzle is finished. We often hear “Look! I did it by myself!”

We look forward to watching the children in preschool 2 discover the rest of the puzzles we have available for them to explore. How long will it take before they are able to do finish our one puzzle that has 100 pieces?






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