Preschool 2

The Growing Bean Plant
October 2019


The rainy weather didn’t slow the preschoolers down on our field trip to Herrle’s on October 2nd, it was a fun and educational experience.

The children enjoyed the tour of the store and looking at all the yummy vegetables and fruit. They got lots of exercise trying to catch balloons in the inflatable pumpkin, walking through the corn maze and searching in the field for the perfect pumpkin.

The wagon ride to the barns was also a highlight. In the barns the children explored with miniature tractors in the corn and soybean sensory bins and they also learned all about seeds.


In the seed barn we broke into small groups and were asked to match seeds with pictures of 4 vegetables – carrots, cucumbers, beans and peas. We were then given bean seeds and soli to bring back to the centre to plant ourselves.


The next day everyone got a turn to poke their finger into the soil and place a bean in it. When Kathleen asked why we need to put the bean inside the soil Kayla said that the bean needs soil on top of it to grow. Kathleen inquired what else does the seed need to help it grow. “It needs sun.” said Nathan. “And water,” added Emmett.


Child planting beans in a cup

To compare two ways of growing the beans we also put some seeds in a baggie with a wet paper towel and taped it in the window. Within days the seeds in the baggie began to grow. “Look.” said Emmett, “They burst open.” The next day we could also see the bean plants in the soil beginning to peek out. Everyone was excited to see this process.


The bean in the baggie actually showed the children the complete process of growing beans. They could see the roots, the stem and the leaves inside the bag.


A week later Kayla was so excited to show Kathleen how tall the bean plant in the soil had grown. “Look, it’s even bigger,” she said. We showed the children both bean plants. Kathleen named the root, the stem and the leaves after taking the plant out of the baggie. Kathleen posed the question, what part of the bean do we not see in the soil? “The roots,” answered Kayla. “Why can’t we see the roots?” asked Kathleen. “Because they’re hiding in the dirt,” answered Nathan.






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