Preschool 2

November 2019


This month in the Preschool 2 room, Lisa brought in her niece’s toys that she had out grown. These included many different of horses, fences, stables, farmers, pails, some barrels and a jumping fence. The children became really interested in all the different types of horses and what they can all do.


As the children explored and manipulated the horses and equipment they were full of questions. Why are some of the horses big and some are small? Emmett noticed a fence that looked different than the other pieces and asked “what is this for?” Lisa explained that it was a jumping fence and that some horses jump fences in competitions. This quickly prompted some further investigation and together we did a little research on the IPad. Watching the horses compete and jump very much peaked their interests.


children using toy horses


Max and Brayden began to build on this new knowledge and explore further through imaginative play of horses. They emptied the shelf with the pillows and lined the pillows up leaving a little space between each one. Then Max and Brayden crawled into the shelf and laid down. I inquired what they were doing Brayden explained that they are horses sleeping in the barn and that the pillows were their jumping fences! Then he and Max went over to the pillows and said “see this is how we jump!” They each jumped over a row of five or so pillows. It was exciting to see them extend their play into different areas.


Child jumping over pillows


Some wonderful communication has been taking place between the preschoolers as they share their current knowledge and thoughts about horses. This experience and materials has also sparked many different questions. Ben M. wanted to know if horses wear shoes? Emmett has been curious about how horses sleep? Other questions the children have been asking include “what different things can horses do” and “what do they like to eat”? The educators are excited to continue exploring horses as co-learners with the children and find answers to their questions.





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