Preschool 2

Following their Lead
March 2020


There is no expectation that children know the alphabet and numbers, or can print their names, but if they can do some of this, it helps with their confidence at school.” Many of children have begun to shown interest in learning their letters and beginning to recognize their names. We have noticed that they are beginning to print their names asking for some assistance.


We are following the preschool children’s interests on some of the following skills.
~ being able to recognize some of their letters, numbers
~ being able to recognize their name
~grip a pencil properly (pincer grasp)
~helping them to begin to recognize site words found in familiar stories or around the room.


We have already begun to work on and practice some of these skill as the children have shown a lot of interest in letter recognition. We created a couple books and have provided the children with opportunities to trace and write letters and numbers using dry erase markers and sheets in plastic sleeves. The children have shown excitement as together we play a game of letter hunt; where they have to search the classroom to find the letter I ask them. To expand on the letter hunt game, I added another board with all of the children’s names. After locating the letter, I called out many of the children then looks for their peers’ name that start with the same letter. Many of the children have started to recognize and make connections that the beginning letter of their name may be the same as a peers or words they find in books and around the classroom. I also printed out some site words to make it a little more challenging, but haven’t yet had the opportunity to introduce the site words.


Two children holding hands 


Some of the children were excited to create 3D letters using colourful pasta glued to paper. This activity took quite a bit of focus and concentration as well as helping to enhance their hand-eye coordination as they carefully glued pieces of pasta on paper forming the beginning letter of their name.


We have noticed that their scribbling are starting to take form into shapes, people and things. There has been a lot of growth in the preschool children over the last couple of months.








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